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Holiday Photoshoot Tips & Tricks

Make sure your little elves are fed. Hungry bellies are never a good addition to a photo shoot.

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Lisa Marie Photography Inc. Holiday Photography, Suffolk County, NY

This one is just as important as no hungry kids, make sure everyone is well rested!

Time, book your shoot during a time when your child is most alert.

Keep it fun and simple. Let's face it we are here for the memories so make them amazing.

Dress code! You don't have to always match. Sometimes a simple color palette works. Like, have everyone wear pink. The shade doesn't have to match perfectly, but, it's a cool look if everyone is in that color family. Matching PJs is always fun though.

Holiday photography
Lisa Marie Photography Inc. Holiday Photoshoot

Props, we have a ton. Unless you have something specific Lisa Marie Photography Inc. has plenty of backdrops, props, and equipment. All you have to do is show up, ready to smile,

Dolls and toys, be sure to bring your child's favorite stuffed animal or toy. Bribery is okay here 😁 whatever makes those smiles bigger!


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